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Weight loss for some people can be extremely difficult and a huge challenge. Some may even need to get medical help due to a condition they are unaware of. But most of us just need help fighting those cravings of sweets that we all love. Really when we look at it weight loss is pretty simple on paper. If you cut your calories and eat cleaner foods you will lose weight. Throw exercise on top of that and you will lose more. That is if you are healthy and you have nothing holding you back from losing weight such as a thyroid issue. A lot of the problem many people are faced with is temptation. The United States is full of unhealthy food choices that are way to easy for us to get. Which is why America has grown so out of shape, its way to easy to run through a drive threw and have your dinner in minutes than it is to cook a healthy meal. Our world has become taken over with fast food and unhealthy choices. So how does one lose weight with all of these bad choices around. Well if you are just trying to cut back a few pounds just cut your calories down a little bit each week. If you are more serious then its time to get serious and go to work.

For the serious athlete or person looking to get in shape you have to think diet over and over again in your head. You will want to consume foods that are clean such as chicken, fish, turkey and lean steak. For carbohydrates you will want good clean carbs such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats and red potatoes. You will also want to mix in some good healthy fats as well such as nuts, yolks and fish oil.

Try to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals a day to help speed up your metabolism. You will also want to try and do your cardio fasted (meaning on an empty stomach) in the morning. This will really work to burn fat.

There are many supplements on the market today that can help you get through the day while on a diet. For someone who craves sweets be sure to checkout Oh Yeah One Bars or Quest bars for a healthy sweet treat. These bars are loaded with protein and fibers and best of all they taste great. Another big saver for me is protein shakes, there are several brands that taste really good. I really like BPI Whey HD granola. Another good supplement for killing body fat is Epi-andro this product is a great muscle builder and helps burn fat.

Use these tips above to get in shape for the summer.

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