1 andro for muscle growth

1 Andro And Muscle growth


1 andro I know what you’re thinking garbage right? Heck yeah that’s what you are thinking that’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear it. Until now that is, in 2016 that has changed. It took one of the large prohormone supplement companies giving me a bottle before I would even think about trying it even there I was very skeptical. I’m not going to talk about how much weight I gained because that’s a bunch of bs. I’ve been lifting for 25 plus years gains don’t come easy and if I gain 1 pound on a product a guy lifting for 1 year could gain 10 pounds on the same product. So if you have been lifting for years and your body is already maxed out on muscle you won’t see much gains but you will see some amazing things. The first thing I noticed was recovery time, I was recovering about a day faster while using this product. Another benefit I noticed was a longer endurance time in the gym. PUMPS wow the pumps and muscle fullness was crazy. I also noticed an improvement in vascularity while taking this product.

So as you can guess my outlook on 1 Andro products has ever changed. Not all Andro products will deliver these types of results the only brands I have used is Sparta Nutrition, Muscle Research and Blackstone labs. All of these product brands delivered the same results as listed above. Sparta was my favorite out of all of them. That doesn’t mean other product brands on the market don’t works it’s just I’ve never tried them.

So if you fear the Andro prohormones on the market today give them another try. There are some decent products that will deliver serious results in muscle growth. Keep in mind the side effects are very low on these products but I would still run a cycle support to be safe.