Supplement reviews

Welcome to Muscle Freaks Nutrition’s Supplement reviews. We will be reviewing some of the top prohormones of 2016

If you are looking for prohormones that will build you some serious muscle you have come to the right place. Muscle Freaks has the best pros at the best prices online. We carry hard to find pros such as DMZ and methylstenbolone. We also have a ton of 1-Andro supplements that will deliver serious results.

Xtreme DMZ by Alpha Lab is one of the best pros on the market for an increase lean muscle growth. Users will see an increase in strength and muscle mass in as little as 4 weeks. This product will deliver results with very little side effects.

Xtreme Mass is a Methylstenbolone product that will deliver a rapid increase in muscle mass in a short amount of time. The only downfall with this supplement is side effects. Methylstenbolone is extremely hard on the liver so short cycles of 4 weeks are recommended.



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