Fitness Supplements for muscle growth

Fitness Supplements

Fitness comes in all types and different forms such as Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and crossfit.

Powerlifting is a sport that requires many hours of training in the gym. Powerlifters train different than bodybuilders by using lower reps. Bodybuilders normally train with higher reps and they rely on volume to build larger muscle bellies. Powerlifters spend most of their time in the gym with one rep max or PR. These lifters normally focus on lifts such as Bench press, Deadlift and squats. There diets are normally more relaxed than bodybuilders. Ther pretty much eat anything they say, and take fitness supplements such as creatine and prohormones like M-sten and epistane. Products like epi and msten should be used with caution these products can cause serious liver issue if not used properly.

Another form is bodybuilding, these athletes use high reps and eat high protein diets. These type of lifters focus on staying lean and building big round muscle bellies. They also use a ton of different fitness supplements such as Amino Acids, creatine, Fat burners and Epi-Andro for cutting. Bodybuilders normally train year around and can spend up to 16 weeks dieting for a show. A big player in the bodybuilding supplement game is Blackstone Labs, the leader in hardcore bodybuilding supplements. Another great starter pre-workout supplement is Krush It.

If you are looking for extreme exercise we suggest looking at cross fit. This is a more extreme type of cardio exercises, crossfit uses weightlifting and cardio exercise to get people in shape. Most crossfit athletes use a paleo style diet. This diet has also been known as a caveman diet since you only eat foods that cavemen would of ate. As far as fitness supplements goes they can use several different types. BCAAs work good to help give athletes a little more gas during training. FIsh oil is another staple in most crossfit athletes supplement plans. Some athletes use something to support the joints as well.

All three of these types of fitness will help you get in shape and build muscle. Pick the one that fits you best and give it a try. Best of luck on your new adventure. Another great muscle builder is Tresta if you are looking to use a supplements

Blackstone Labs supplements that work

Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs has become one of the most popular supplement brands in America. Most of their success comes from creating products that deliver serious results in muscle growth and strength. This company has been kicking ass since they started a few years back. They produce hardcore supplements that give bodybuilders and gym goers an advantage in the gym. Many companies have created similar products but have never delivered results like Blackstone Labs has. This company got popular in the last few years with many of their prohormone supplements. These products became very popular and started delivering huge results in muscle growth and strength. Users were seeing gains of 10 to 15 pounds as in little as 4 weeks. They were selling popular prohormones such as epistane, trenavar, halodrol and many other popular compounds. This company also became popular for their pre-workout supplement Angel Dust as well. Users were getting crazy energy and crazy pumps in the gym helping people get insane workouts in.

In 2015 Blackstone Labs was forced into the Andro Prohormone market when many of their methylated prohormones got banned with the steroid act of 2014. They were probably one of the last companies in this market to come out with an Andro product. Many people wondered if the ban would be the end of this company. But they proved everyone wrong they were simply formulating an andro product that would deliver results. Yeah that’s right an andro supplement that deliver results. These new products will deliver muscle growth and will deliver very little chance of side effects. I know what many people are thinking there is no way Blackstone Labs andro supplements are any different from any other product on the market today. I use to feel the same until I started reading some reviews from people that we’re seeing serious results from these products. Is it just the placebo effect or are they really getting these types of results?

So how did Blackstone Labs make there product any better than any other product on the market like theirs? Simple they did it with delivery allowing more of the compound into the bloodstream. This process has proven some serious results from an andro based product. I was skeptical but was very surprised when I seen results from Brutal 4ce. This stuff actually works, I seen a gain of 5 pounds on a 4 week cycle. Even though these products are less toxic as pros of the past I still strongly recommend using a cycle support supplement during your cycle. I also recommend using a good PCT supplement to help restore natural test levels once the cycle is done.blackstone labs


Weight Loss | Fat loss

Weight loss for some people can be extremely difficult and a huge challenge. Some may even need to get medical help due to a condition they are unaware of. But most of us just need help fighting those cravings of sweets that we all love. Really when we look at it weight loss is pretty simple on paper. If you cut your calories and eat cleaner foods you will lose weight. Throw exercise on top of that and you will lose more. That is if you are healthy and you have nothing holding you back from losing weight such as a thyroid issue. A lot of the problem many people are faced with is temptation. The United States is full of unhealthy food choices that are way to easy for us to get. Which is why America has grown so out of shape, its way to easy to run through a drive threw and have your dinner in minutes than it is to cook a healthy meal. Our world has become taken over with fast food and unhealthy choices. So how does one lose weight with all of these bad choices around. Well if you are just trying to cut back a few pounds just cut your calories down a little bit each week. If you are more serious then its time to get serious and go to work.

For the serious athlete or person looking to get in shape you have to think diet over and over again in your head. You will want to consume foods that are clean such as chicken, fish, turkey and lean steak. For carbohydrates you will want good clean carbs such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats and red potatoes. You will also want to mix in some good healthy fats as well such as nuts, yolks and fish oil.

Try to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals a day to help speed up your metabolism. You will also want to try and do your cardio fasted (meaning on an empty stomach) in the morning. This will really work to burn fat.

There are many supplements on the market today that can help you get through the day while on a diet. For someone who craves sweets be sure to checkout Oh Yeah One Bars or Quest bars for a healthy sweet treat. These bars are loaded with protein and fibers and best of all they taste great. Another big saver for me is protein shakes, there are several brands that taste really good. I really like BPI Whey HD granola. Another good supplement for killing body fat is Epi-andro this product is a great muscle builder and helps burn fat.

Use these tips above to get in shape for the summer.

Tips | Build Muscle

Tips for building muscle

Everyone that is into bodybuilding always wants to build some more muscle. There are a few rules to follow when building muscle and we will cover them here.

First is training, now everyone responds differently to training methods what works for one might not work for the next guy. With that in mind its important to experiment with what works best for you. I suggest keeping it simple until you get a grasp on what works best for you. Also remember to give things some time and once you see results stay consistent.

Next is your diet, probably one of the most important steps to building muscle is eating and what you eat. Protein is king when it comes to muscle. You need to really feed those muscle in order to see them grow. You want to get at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Eat foods such as steak, chicken, eggs, fish and protein shakes to keep your intake as high as possible. Not eating enough protein can delay your muscle growth faster than anything you could do. Healthy fats can be very important to building muscle as well. With out the proper fats in your diet you may see a reduction in testosterone production. Fats such as nuts, Egg yolks, and omega 3 fats are very important to your diet. Carbohydrates are also very important, just be careful on how many you use. Too many and you may start to store fat, if this happens just reduce the amount you consume on a daily basis.


Supplements can play an important role in building muscle specially if you have a hard time hitting your protein macros. But there are other supplements on the market that can help you pack on some serious muscle mass. Creatine is one of my favorite natural supplements for building muscle. Next is BCAAs, glutamine and fish oil. Some test boosters and prohormones can help as well for guys 30 plus. I have seen great results from using Spartan mass by Sparta labs. This stuff makes me feel amazing in the gym and outside of the gym. I believe most of this comes from the increased testosterone I’m getting from using this compound. All of the supplements I listed above will benefit you in muscle growth.

While a lot of the good prohormones like Epistane are gone there are still a lot of products out there that will help you build serious muscle. Visit Muscle Freaks Nutrition today to start building some serious muscle mass!

If you are looking to get into pros we suggest using the best on cycle support when using any type of pro. Even if it’s one of the new DHEA products on the market today you will still want to follow a good cycle support program. Not doing so could result in some serious health issues after your cycle is finished.


Bodybuilding was made popular by athletes like Arnold, Frank Zane and Lee Haney. All popular bodybuilders of the 1970s, leaving youngsters around the world with a dream of becoming a great bodybuilder like them.

Bodybuilding doesn’t come easy, most pro-bodybuilders spend hours in the gym building their physiques. Not only do bodybuilders spend hours in the gym they spend a lot of time in the kitchen prepping their meals for the week.

On top of the gym and kitchen work, bodybuilders have to spend time figuring out their supplement program. The bodybuilding supplement market has become huge. Legends from the 70s had a lot less to chose from than the modern athlete has for his arsenal. But really the only supps one needs to build serious muscle are the same ones that were used in the 70s. BCAAs, Creatine, Glutamine and Protein. These supplements have been around for years for a reason and that’s because they deliver results. 1-andro is a supplement of the new era that will deliver crazy results in muscle growth.

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Top Prohormones

Xtreme Stack – High in side effects – Great for building mass

Xtreme MASS – High in side effects – Great for building mass

Xtreme DMZ – Medium risk of side effects – Great for building lean mass

Cyanobol– Low to medium side effects – Great for building muscle

Beastdrol V3 – Low to Medium side effects – Great muscle builder low risk on liver.

CERBERUS – Low to medium side effects – Top muscle builder for Low to Medium sides, safe on the liver.

Make sure to run a cycle support with all of these supplements.

Supplement reviews

Welcome to Muscle Freaks Nutrition’s Supplement reviews. We will be reviewing some of the top prohormones of 2016

If you are looking for prohormones that will build you some serious muscle you have come to the right place. Muscle Freaks has the best pros at the best prices online. We carry hard to find pros such as DMZ and methylstenbolone. We also have a ton of 1-Andro supplements that will deliver serious results.

Xtreme DMZ by Alpha Lab is one of the best pros on the market for an increase lean muscle growth. Users will see an increase in strength and muscle mass in as little as 4 weeks. This product will deliver results with very little side effects.

Xtreme Mass is a Methylstenbolone product that will deliver a rapid increase in muscle mass in a short amount of time. The only downfall with this supplement is side effects. Methylstenbolone is extremely hard on the liver so short cycles of 4 weeks are recommended.




It’s no secret that BCAA’s are a staple in my supplement program. I’ve been a big user of Scivation Xtend for a number of years and wanted a change. I grabbed a bottle of BPI Sports BCAA and I must say I loved this BCAA supplement.  A lot of BCAA supplements I have used in the past have left me with a bad after taste and some a serious case of heart burn from all of the fillers.  Heartburn in the middle of a workout is definitely something you don’t want to deal with.

To my surprise BPI Sports BCAA has an amazing taste and no after taste like the Scivation Xtend has. I also didn’t notice any difference in performance between the two products which is not common when comparing to Scivation Xtend.

I took the BPI Sports BCAA supplement during my training session and noticed a ton of energy and drive during my session. Now let’s not mistake this energy with the type you get from a pre workout supplement but just the type of energy where I felt like I could train for hours.

If you’re a huge BCAA user I strongly suggest you give BPI Sports BCAA supplement a try! It’s just as good as Scivation Xtend and maybe even a little bit better than Xtend. BPI BCAA is a great product that has amazing taste and performance with no clumping at all. If you’re looking to build lean muscle and up your performance in the gym this BCAA supplement could be the answer to your success.

Here is how I used BPI Sports BCAA, I stacked this supplement with Xcel Sports N.O. Fully Charged which is a Vascular Dilator dosed at 4 caps. I took the BPI BCAA dosed at 1 scoop during training and another scoop post workout. I strongly recommend these two products together if your looking to add some lean muscle to your physique.

Checkout all of our Amino Acid Supplements

Muscle Supplments | supplements for muscle growth

Muscle Supplements

Muscle supplements have been used by bodybuilders for years in order to build serious muscle. Great bodybuilders like Arnold, Lee Haney and Frank Zane used muscle supplements to help build muscle even back in the 70s. They did’t have the technology they do today but they still had great supplements back in the day. Some of the popular supplements from the 70s are still on the market today. Creatine has been a staple in most bodybuilders supplement routine for years now. This powerful supplement will pack on serious mass in a short amount of time with very little side effects. Creatine will also help increase strength and improve performance on most lifts. Another popular supplement from the early days of bodybuilding was protein, yes you heard me right protein. Protein was around in the 70s even though most bodybuilders just drank raw eggs. Most of the protein powder in 1970s to 1980s were milk and egg based protein powders. Leaving most of these supplements very high lactose. These protein powders were nothing like the powders we have today, trust me I remember some of the old powders from the early days. I was only about 15 but I do remember trying some and it was nasty. They were full of clumps and had grains in them. You really had to blend them well in order to make them drinkable. I learned very fast that it was much easier to just eat meat. Today we are spoiled with all the great tasting effective protein supplements on the market today. These supplements blow away the old 1970s wanna be supplements. But back then they had no idea what good protein powders were.

Desiccated Liver Tablets were another very popular supplement that was taken in the 1970s era. These powerful protein building supplements would help bodybuilders of all walks of life build some serious muscle.