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Muscle Supplements

Muscle supplements have been used by bodybuilders for years in order to build serious muscle. Great bodybuilders like Arnold, Lee Haney and Frank Zane used muscle supplements to help build muscle even back in the 70s. They did’t have the technology they do today but they still had great supplements back in the day. Some of the popular supplements from the 70s are still on the market today. Creatine has been a staple in most bodybuilders supplement routine for years now. This powerful supplement will pack on serious mass in a short amount of time with very little side effects. Creatine will also help increase strength and improve performance on most lifts. Another popular supplement from the early days of bodybuilding was protein, yes you heard me right protein. Protein was around in the 70s even though most bodybuilders just drank raw eggs. Most of the protein powder in 1970s to 1980s were milk and egg based protein powders. Leaving most of these supplements very high lactose. These protein powders were nothing like the powders we have today, trust me I remember some of the old powders from the early days. I was only about 15 but I do remember trying some and it was nasty. They were full of clumps and had grains in them. You really had to blend them well in order to make them drinkable. I learned very fast that it was much easier to just eat meat. Today we are spoiled with all the great tasting effective protein supplements on the market today. These supplements blow away the old 1970s wanna be supplements. But back then they had no idea what good protein powders were.

Desiccated Liver TabletsĀ were another very popular supplement that was taken in the 1970s era. These powerful protein building supplements would help bodybuilders of all walks of life build some serious muscle.